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Nose Correctors

If you buy NoseSecret for the first time you will receive three pairs of our nose reshaper, one of each size of your desired kit. We offer three kits:  XS, S, M -   S, M, L  -  M, L, XL for a discounted price of $34.95 + Free Shipping.  Individual pairs are $29.95.

How to Measure your Nose for Size Choose the right size from your NoseSecret Kit:

Choosing the right size of the Nose Secret Corrector depends on the shape and length of your nose. However, for your convenience, we have grouped approximate  sizes to help select your right fit. If you have never purchased from us in the past we strongly suggest that you order the NoseSecret Kit and use this guideline to select your right size.

Choose from:

Kit with sizes XS, S, M: If you consider your nose  to be very small or a medium size. Some Asian or Ethnic noses may have very small nostrils or those whose nose tends to be flat.

Kit with sizes S, M, L: It is the most popular kit and works for those with an average sized nose. Not too big or not too small.

Watch video for a size medium user:

 NoseSecret - How To Wear

Kit with sizes M, L, XL: If your are male or female whose nose is not small but it is more on the medium to large size. Most males choose this size unless they consider their nose small.

You can also "fine-tune" the fit of your size by compressing the Nose Secret inserts with your fingers.

First-time buyers must purchase the Introductory nose reshaping kit to be eligible for a refund.

Nose Correction Without Surgery

NoseSecret Splint Diagram STEP 1

NoseSecret Mini-Instruction Step 1

Insert the tip end of the splint in the opening of the nostril applying a gentle upwards pressure.

NoseSecret Mini-Instruction Step 2

Curb your upper lip down and gently push with your thumb the back end of the splint inside the base of the nostril.

NoseSecret Mini-Instruction Step 3

Adjust the nose corrector touching your nose with your fingers until it feels comfortable.
Repeat steps on the other nostril.


NoseSecret Mini-Instruction Step 4

Grab the tip end of the splint using the enclosed tool and gently pull down to remove it. Repeat step on the other nostril.

NoseSecret splints are placed in the nose, near the edge of the nostrils (not far inside the nose). Don't look up when inserting the splints - look forward or downward.

Read Before use: Recommendations and guidelines

*Like any other cosmetic product that touches any part of your body such as contact lenses or eyelash extensions, the nose reshaper needs a period of adjustment to reach the optimum level of comfort.

*It is recommended to use NoseSecret for 30 minutes the first day and increase the length of use everyday until you become accustomed to wearing the nose reshaper.

*NoseSecret should not be worn when sleeping, swimming, and working out, or during any strenuous physical activity.

*When you insert the nose reshaper, keep your head tilted forwards, not backwards (not looking up), to prevent the splints from wandering while you learn to properly insert and remove them.

*If you find that a splint has inadvertently wandered beyond your reach while you are inserting or removing them, exhale strongly through your nose while you close the opposite nostril with your finger.  

DIY nose correction

Don’t like the shape of your nose? Wish it was smaller or narrower? Want to straighten your nose shape in an instant? If you think it’s not possible without surgery, think again. NoseSecret is a dependable cosmetic product for changing your nose shape. Learn how to use it here.