Nose Secret

NoseSecret Kit M-L-XL


NoseSecret Kit-M-L-XL :  (Best for first time buyers with  average to large nose. Male preferred Kit   )

By purchasing the NoseSecret Kit M,L ,XL, you'll receive:

1 complete set of three pairs of Original NoseSecret splints

1 Removal Tool

1 Instruction guide 

Kit:  sizes : M-L-XL
Color : Black
Length :

M     1.10 in / 2.79 cm

L      1.16 in / 2.95 cm

XL    1.33 in / 3.38 cm


 What is  NoseSecret?

NoseSecret consists of a pair of curved and comfortable splints that you place at the inside edge of each nostril to make your nose look narrower and straighter, instantly


Insert, adjust and say Hello to a new nose. Easy removal





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When can I use NoseSecret?

Since NoseSecret is easy to insert and remove, with some practice it will take around 20 seconds to complete both tasks.

You can use it whenever you want, except when swimming, laying down, sleeping or working out.

NoseSecret is unnoticeable, making it an ideal cosmetic solution for photo shoots and special occasions.

However, more people are wearing NoseSecret on a daily basis


Who benefits from NoseSecret?

Men and women around the world are ordering NoseSecret to reshape their nose. Those that experience great results are people looking to:

1. Slim a wide nose

2. Refine a bulky nose tip.

3. Lift a bent nose tip

4. Straighten a crooked nose

5. Enhance the beauty of an ethnic nose (Asian nose, African American, Hispanic, etc.)

6. Lift tip to ease hump (prominence) on the middle area.


Why choose NoseSecret in a nutshell?

* Do it yourself nose lift

* Instant and effective results

* Affordable. Reduce nose job cost

* Not invasive

* Unnoticeable

* Safe

* Can carry it everywhere.

* Small enough to fit in your wallet

* Product quality to last.

* Easy to insert and remove

* No painful recovery

* No absent time from work.

* Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.


 NOTE: NoseSecret is not sold in Amazon. Fake and counterfeited products will not provide the benefits of NoseSecret.  Read more



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We know you will love NoseSecret but if for any reason you are not satisfied with the results you can return the product within 15 days of receiving the order for a refund. Since we cannot re-sell returned products due to hygiene and safety issues, there is an associated processing fee deducted from your transaction of $8.99. Expedited shipping charges do not qualify for refund.


4 Average based on 9 reviews Write a Review
Written by Jasmine Johnson on 16th Sep 2017


I've always had a longer nose, but as I've gotten older I've noticed it more. I have a slight droop and have seriously contemplated cosmetic surgery but afraid of the risk and irreversiblity. When I initially saw this product I thought it wouldn't work or it's was a gimmick, but (a lot cheaper than a nose job) the pricing was fair and worth a try. So I ordered the medium/large kit and it took about a week to arrive. When I received them the were small and the packaging was discrete. I tried them and I saw INSTANT results! I was amazed and loved the look they gave me. So I wore them for about an hour and they started to really get uncomfortable and almost painful. I think the results are GREAT but the comfort ability could've been thought out a little more, while the lift is good but something doing that much work needs a comfort feature. Maybe a gel cushioned tip vs the plastic ending!! OTHER THAN THAT ... GREAT JOB NOSE SECRET!!!

Written by Julia on 11th Apr 2017

Wearing almost every day

I first started off with medium, was too small, then large, but then I realised it still wasn't a perfect fit. So I tried XL, was just perfect! Gave me that perfect ski slope nose and narrow look without looming like a pig. Although I do not recommend to wear every day like I have, because I now have blisters in the inside corner of my nostils (it's quite uncomfortable) but I just have a 1 or 2 day break from wearing it then put it back in once it's settled. I have just purchased 2 XL nose shapers, as my current one look like they are almost about to snap. Because of these nose shapers, I have got soo much attention from guys who I thought would not have looked at me in a million years, but it has brought out my nice eyes and nice lips and face nhiow a bit more. My confidence has just sky rocketed. I Do highly recommend this product for people looking for that narrow ski slope nose. Love this product!

Written by undefined on 16th Dec 2015

It works

1 star off because of this reason: it will be great if between size L and XL will be one more average sized nose insert. Quite huge difference between them. I ordered a kit, so by given measures XL was needed, but in reality L is much better for me. So it is really better to order kit firstly to find the right size. On camera nose looks much better, thinner, and while I am smiling it does not goes down. But to feel more confident I need just a little bit bigger one, but not XL (I am like Pinocchio with largest insert). But overall it is good! It works!

Written by undefined on 17th Nov 2015


The product reshape my nose, actually give me a more beautiful define look. Using it the first time was kinda painful but after a few days of wearing it 30 mins to a hour allow me to adjust. Now I can wear it ALL day....

Written by Jolie on 15th Nov 2015

Instant change

Simply amazing. I feel more confident than ever. I use to hate the downward tilt in my nose but now my nose is shaped to my liking. It works and you will notice it! Great customer service. Make sure you buy the right size for you! I would recommend trying smaller sizes and only getting the size XL pack if you actually have a big nose. Otherwise go with the size L pack

Written by undefined on 11th Oct 2015

bad one

It's doesn't work!

Written by undefined on 13th Aug 2015

Works Great

Make sure you get the right size & it works great!

Written by yeah no chance ur getting my name on 30th Jul 2015

it definitely works..

i got these things a week ago, i was pretty excited about this and when i received it i immediately tested them out, i have read that people saying it hurts so much bla bla, hell na this doesnt hurt i wore it the whole day when i got them, cant lie when i took em out they hurt a bit but that wasnt too bad really. Overall im happy with this purchase it makes my name very nice it boosted up my confidence and i would recommend everyone buying this for a sharper looking nose.

Written by C. Garcia on 28th Apr 2011


I used to feel very uncomfortable when people looked at me sideways, but after wearing NS, I now enjoy being looked at any angle. Thanks