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nosesecretThe Nose Secret corrector consists of a pair of smooth and comfortable splints that are temporarily placed in the nostrils to gently lift the tip of the nose resulting in a narrower and straighter look that enhances your facial features. Since the product is not visible when in place, nobody can tell you are using them.

Nose secret anatomic form and flexible material allow easy adjustment without discomfort. The best part is you can put them on and take them off whenever you want.

If you buy NoseSecret for the first time you will receive three pairs, one of each size (small, medium and  large) for a discounted price of $34.95 + Free Shipping.  Individual pairs are $29.95.

Choose the right size:

Choosing the right size of the Nose Secret Corrector depends on the shape and length of your nose. However, for your convenience, we have estimated approximate  measurements to help select your size. If you have never purchase from us in the past we strongly suggest that you order the NoseSecret Kit and use this guiline to select your right size.

Using a ruler, measure the base of either side of your nostril to the tip of your nose and select:

Small: Nose measurement is less than and 1.0 inch.
Medium: Nose measurement is 1.0 inch to 1.4 inches
Large: Nose measurement is greater than 1.4 inches.

You can also "fine-tune" the fit of your size by compressing the Nose Secret inserts with your fingers.


Insert the tip end of the splint in the opening of the nostril applying a gentle upward pressure.

Curb your upper lip down and gently push with your thumb the back end of the splint inside the base of the nostril.

Adjust the nose corrector touching your nose with your fingers until it feels comfortable.
Repeat step on the other nostril.

Grab the tip end of the splint using the enclosed tool and gently pull down to remove it. Repeat step on the other nostril.

NoseSecret splints are placed in the nose, near the edge of the nostrils (not far inside the nose). Don`t look up when inserting the splints - look forward or downward.

Read Before use: Recommendations and guidelines

*Like any other cosmetic product that touches any part of your body such as contact lenses or eyelash extensions, the nose corrector needs a period of adjustment to reach the optimum level of comfort.

*It is recommended to use NoseSecret for 30 minutes the first day and increase the length of use everyday until you become accustomed to wearing the product.

*NoseSecret should not be worn when sleeping, swimming, and working out, or during any strenuous physical activity.

* When you insert the correctors, keep your head tilted forwards, not backwards (not looking up), to prevent the splints from wandering while you learn to properly insert and remove them.

*If you find that a splint has inadvertently wandered beyond your reach while you are inserting or removing them, exhale strongly through your nose while you close the opposite nostril with your finger.  

Product Description

Size : XL
Color : Black
Length : 1.33"

Purchases on individual sizes do not qualify for refund.

IMPORTANT: When entering the billing address, make sure it is the same address as in your credit card statement.

 To avoid shipping delays:

  • 1. Please, provide further information of the owner of the credit card that you use to place the order.

  • 2. If you place an order via Paypal, make sure that the shipping information on the order matches the authorized shipping address of your Paypal account.

  • 3. Make sure your address is correct and does not miss any pat of information.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS (all orders outside the United States)

 Interational orders required credit card validation. Enter information below in the "Comments" box  at check out or email us at customercare@nosesecret.com

1. Type of credit card used
2. First 6 digits of your credit card ( to contact credit card institution)
3 . Last 4 digits of your credit card ( to verify buyer's information).
4. A phone number of your credit card company if available ( shown on the back of the card)

Product Videos

NoseSecret.com- Instant nose reshaper without surgery --Non surgical nose job (00:29)
This is a how to video that shows the correct way to use and remove NoseSecret. NoseSecret, nose inserts is a Do it yourself nose job with instant results. Order your nose inserts at NoseSecret.com
  • NoseSecret.com...
    This is a how to video that shows the correct way to use and ...

Warranty Information

Purchases on single pairs of Nosesecret do not qualify for our return policy.

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